A Life at Ttoys




Children are the most beautiful creations of the almighty and a smile on a child’s face is the most wonderful emotion that has ever existed. A smiling child not only makes others around him/ her happy, but also radiates positive energy in the entire home. And toys are an integral part of a child’s life. Without a toy, a child’s upbringing is incomplete. Toys, to a large extent, help in shaping the imagination of a child and these help in the child’s overall physical, mental and emotional build-up. As everybody needs new things with time, children also demand new toys as they grow up. The selection of toys depends a lot on the social environment in which the child is brought up. And parents are in a perpetual search for toys for their children. Online shopping, for that matter, has made it a lot easier for parents to shop for toys for their children. It is indeed very easy to let your child see the computer screen and select the toy he/ she wants to play with, while you instantly place your order for that toy!


Toys are an inseparable part of a child’s life and these facts very well substantiate this statement-
·    Children have played with toys since time immemorial. Toys have existed across cultures
·    Toys promote a child’s well-being
·    When children play with toys with each other, their social bonding strengthens
·    Toys are essential to help children exercise their right to play and these help in their all-round development
·    Restricting children to play with toys might affect their growth
·    Toys support the right to education through encouraging play and learning
·    Toys are basic instruments for the development of children’s fantasy, imagination, and creativity
·    Toys are available for all ages and are thus the perfect media for a child’s growth
·    They enrich family life by fostering fun, amusement and communication between all family members, regardless of age


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