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T TOYS DIRECT is a venture of T TOYS BAZAR PVT. LTD. whose motto is to create, develop and sustain the toys industry in India. This is a fact that the toys market is nationally expanding primarily because of the market demand for imported toys. Indian parents are now more aware of the need of toys for their child to grow socially and enhance the mental and physical elements too.


T TOYS have partnered with prominent toys manufacturers and suppliers in India and Abroad, few of them are Mattel, Funskool, Chiccco, Lego, Simba, Sunbaby, Zeeva, Zypher, Marvel etc.. To Drive Continuous sales and profitability through consistently delivering quality products, brand awareness and relationship expansion , we are rendering our valued customers with products of international standards.


T TOYS DIRECT wants to promote itself by bringing the criteria of Online Shopping Platform more lively and having a direct bonding with the client so that they can be a part of T TOYS family. God has gifted a woman as the most precious and heartfelt living-being. A woman who plays a role of a sister, daughter, wife and most importantly a mother knows deeply the core of a child’s heart. We want to promote our business using technology to connect to our customers where a woman will play an important role by being TTOYS DIRECT franchisee and earning money by taking orders from customers on each sale she does.



A Woman in our country is confined only by the walls she builds herself. There are dreams a woman holds during all her lifetime where she wants to make decisions of her own for her personal benefits as well as for society. She just waits for some opportunity to break-free.


Women are competent and intelligent and more dedicated to work as in comparison to a man.


T TOYS DIRECT provides them with the platform where she can break-free and enhance her chances to win over her dreams by becoming an Entrepreneur with just a small amount of investment and earn her own standard of living. Beyond this, the money she will earn shall not only help her and her family, but it will also help develop the society as well.



We Care, We Promise, We Deliver

For any Business to start, it is first essential to have an impeccable relationship between franchisor and franchisee to promote a business on any ground. TTOYS DIRECT shall help you to endeavour your personal as well as marketing skills which will be developed on trust, communication, mutual respect, cooperation, integrity, and above all professionalism. We shall take care of all your queries, troubles, targets and shall boost you to serve the client with his/her needs and desires in one platter.


We shall grant the rights to use TTOYS brand, concept, trademark, trade dress, and operations system so that you can be become an Independent Entrepreneur and lead the world. Time to time rewards, incentives, points shall be given to you for your dreams to come true. We shall make you technically sound in terms of Online Marketing and Promotional activities and shall give you the back support of the marketing staff who will assist you at your initials stages. Once you are confident and independent to boost your own clientage and business, that will be time to capture the world with your inner instincts.


Your Association with us

T TOYS offers wide range of products with a strong supply chain in sourcing these products. Few well known toys companies we are associated with are Disney, Funsckool, Lego, Mattel, etc.. Once you become our franchisee and start working as an independent Woman Entrepreneur you will experience that all the aesthetically designed products are made to fulfil the need of the children which will directly help you grow in your own business.



Only for women.

First time in India, online business entrepreneurship in your hand.

It is more than the business identity

Exclusive brands

Wide variety of product


Connect with us and fulfil your dream

Simply fill-up the Franchisee Distribution Form and have an interactive session with our Area Manager.

Get a full day training sessions from our experts and enhance your marketing skills.

Work as an independent Entrepreneur by choosing your working hours as you like.

Take the best support of our Executives to promote your business at initial stages.

Consult and engage customer to choose the best toys from our variety of products.

On every sell you do, you get a direct payout.

Get extra Income by doing More.

Low on Investment, High on Returns.

Get associated with a known brand - “TTOYS”.

Win your dreams that’s really right for you and your family.



Online Toys and Indian Ethics

Toys are invaluable to a child's development into a mature, confident adult. Play is a child's "work" and toys are the tools children use in play. Toys are vital tools that help foster the mental, physical, emotional and social development of Children. Kids love toys and always ask for new toys. Their preferences keep changing constantly as they expect latest toys in their collection. With increasing purchasing power of people with the fact of less time for actual shopping experience the parents are now making use of Online Shopping to fulfill the needs to their kids. Brand Awareness is another factor that motivates the parents to explore more on net. Indian Parents wants to provide the best to their children.


TTOYS DIRECT gives their esteemed customers a user friendly platform where they can make the best usage of the Online Marketing combined with the Old Traditional way of Door-To-Door Marketing. That is the woman who will be our Online Franchise will pursue the client to buy toys online on the tablet provided to her. The client will place the order for the toy selected by him/her on the tablet directly at a very low cost as compared to other sites and networks. The moment the client’s order will be registered the woman will get her benefit done in her account simultaneously.



Bringing joy in every child

Children have played with toys throughout history and in all cultures. Toys promote children’s well-being.

Toys have a central role in children’s play with one another and help them develop socially.

Toys support the right to play in childhood which is essential to healthy child development.

Restriction of the right to play and the time to play has serious consequences on children’s development and their later behaviour as adults.

Toys are vital tools that help foster the mental, physical, emotional and social development of boys and girls.

Toys support the right to education through encouraging play and learning.

Toys are basic instruments for the development of children’s fantasy, imagination and creativity.

Toys are available for all stages and ages of child development. They enrich family life by fostering fun, amusement and communication between all family members, regardless of age.


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