We have a Franchise management system which you can opt as a property owner seeking to invest in our Franchise based on which we will help you run the franchisee remotely. You will have to give us a brief understanding of your market place and the potential you see of this business in your area based on which we will take a call.

The idea of having this model is to attract people who are passionate about developing business relationship in the field of Toys retail. Typical profile should include,  Franchisee should be extremely entrepreneurial , self-starter and open to new ideas and techniques used in sales  Should be retail savvy or must be willing and excited to get into toys retail.  Franchisee is expected to establish relationships and get business leads.  Franchisees should ensure that brochures and pamphlets are other marketing materials are made available at all advertising partner locations  Must be fluent in English and local languages

We believe women entrepreneurs are more creative and better in handling the day to day operations of retail outlets. The only requirement from us is that they should have required skills and experience to be able to manage the teams and be hands on with the daily operations of the business.

Currently we are offering TToys experience in 2 formats (800 SQFT and 1200 SQFT). In fact we can custom make our model based on the catchment and if you believe that there is an audience for our products we will innovate to suit the market needs.

yes you can but it is only possible to change items in your order or the delivery address if your order has not yet been processed. If your order has been dispatched then it would be difficult but in that case you can contact to our customer helpline number.

If You Have Brought the product from one of our stores please contact the store you purchased it from. If you have any complaint about the online shopping please contact to our customer helpline number.

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