Key Features Of Infant Play Gyms

Nov 09, 2017

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There are a number of toys available for the infants. But you need to make sure that you get the most interactive and engaging play toy for your infant. It should not only keep your baby busy but also ensure that your baby gets benefits from these toys. There are a number of infant play gyms available in the market nowadays. These toys not only engage the infant but also help in their physical and mental growth. There are various options available that lets you choose the play gym as per your child’s likings and your preferences. From the musical ones to the multi-purpose ones to the ones that grow in many stages, there are several options in the play gym toy category in the market. Here are some other key features of infant play gyms that would make you want to buy one for your baby right away. Have a look.


LED Lighting

One of the best entertaining features for kids is the LED lighting facility that comes in many play gyms. The headlights on top of the gym catch the baby’s attention and help him/her to improve concentration skills.


Adjustable Heights

The rattle hangers provided on the gyms come with adjustable heights in most of the toy categories. This means that you can adjust the height of the play gym with the increasing height of your baby.



Many of the play gyms have this additional feature where they allow you to add musical toys over the top hangers. In fact, many others have an attached music system which makes animal noises etc., on being pulled by the baby. This feature would help your baby in recognizing various sounds and even animal voices easily.



The key feature of these play gyms is that they are extremely safe for use by kids. They do not have any type of sharp edges and are made from the best material to ensure that your kid is not harmed while playing in the play gym.


Different Play Modes

Many play gyms come with a number of play modes for different stages of the kid’s development. The three common play modes include- lay & play, tummy time, and sit & enjoy. Others have tunnel setting for the kids as they start crawling to catch their fancy.


These are the top features of play gyms for your babies. You can find online infant play gym in India at an affordable price and choose from the many options available for you.

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