Become a Franchisee

Become a Franchisee

About Ttoys

TToys Bazar Private Limited is the Legal entity registered in India and will be wholly responsible for operating the Franchise Business in India. The company will also be responsible for communicating with prospect and engaging the potential franchisees into the TToys Franchise business.

  Company Mission   

To Develop and sustain in the toys industry

 Business Strategy  

To Drive Continuous sales and profitability through consistently delivering quality products,brand awareness and relationship expansion with new and existing franchisees by providing operational guidance and sharing ‘best practices’.

  Philosophy and Core Values  

At TToys, we strongly believe in providing outstanding customer service, in maintaining a creative environment, in great selection, in high quality products, in competitive prices, and in perpetual training & education. The customer's needs come first and foremost, no matter what; all staff members make it their mission to give great value to each and every customer,whether that person is a first time buyer, a regular shopper, a college student, a home maker or a kid from the neighbourhood, who finds the TToys store as his favourite hang-out place.All our business operating process and procedures are innovative but follow prevailing Industry best practices to deliver customer needs.

  Business Format for Retailing  

For any company, it is highly important to detect its own business model in order to know where improvements are needed to improve growth and profitability. Hence the methodology conducted to detect the business model is characterised by a qualitative research strategy.TToys has strong presence in retailing of Toys and wishes to expand its market nationally and internationally.


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