Benefits Of Partenering

  • TToys offers wide range of products with a strong supply chain in sourcing these products. TToys experience in the past and repeated franchisee inquiries from various locations across the country to start a retail store, coupled with fuelling market conditions has encouraged TToys to engage business partner in Franchising.
  • The benefit of partnering with TToys is that an already established a profitable business model that is tried, tested and proven to be successful is ready to be replicated. The products sold are in demand and could be supplied and sold or provided in new areas, towns or even cities as their reputation and brand awareness increases.
  • The Toys industry is growing at steady pace in India and the market is showing upward trend, moreover various parts of India haven’t witnessed this kind of business. The retailing space in toys market has a huge potential and TToys is confident that this franchise program will bring the much needed forward thrust in the market.

Few of the benefits are explained below,
  • The successful franchisee will have an option to operate a chain of TToys retail chain outlets in their city of operations.
  • Rewards Program with performance incentives and accompanying privileges for franchisees. TToys will arrange for Paid Foreign trips for franchisee who exceed the sales targets on consistent basis.
  • The Business model is fairly simple as the franchisee creates a physical presence for the customer and gets comprehensive support from the franchisor online and offline. Since all the sales are made at Retail outlet and there are no hidden costs, profitability of this business venture is more compared to traditional model. Franchise retailing is interesting to explore as various options available under one roof, as they can improve their creativeness in satisfying customer demands. Since it will be a professionally run set up, quality, consistency and confidentiality will be maintained.
  • Full store design & stocking support on sign up
  • Responsive Supply chain. Our inventory management system ensures timely billing and prompt delivery with proper dispatch mechanism from suppliers in time. The franchisee will have the option of transferring his successful business to different entity*
  • *All legal and other compliances should be met by the franchisee at the time of transfer


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