Franchise Marketing

TToys strongly believe that marketing begins with the products and services for its customers.The marketing is focused on to creating quality and brand consciousness in order to create a unique brand value. For drawing the best footfalls and gaining maximum results, the franchisee mentoring is primarily focused on having the franchisee understand the best practices that will be rolled out as business plan for the specific geography by getting the network involved. The pricing strategy attracts the existing customer to frequent your (the franchisee) stores, in addition to bringing new customers. Ttoys recommends its franchise partners to use the latest technology to market its products either through APP/SMS or emails for promoting the latest offerings at their stores. The special designed carry bags which are multipurpose in use are another way of improving TToys brand visibility in any location. The sales staff should be constantly motivated to make more sales which is incentivised. Loyalty programs are rolled from TToys headquarters are generally location specific. Marketing activities for any event specific needs to be planned in advance by the franchise and presented to TToys for final roll-out.

National or International marketing will be done by TToys, but local advertising through guidance and support from TToys will be the responsibility of the franchisee. TToys will allocate

5% of the revenue earned annually for its marketing activities and similar 5% contribution from Franchisee is expected. Toys fair, online digital marketing and franchisee meet are few of the events that are planned to improve the market share of TToys. As the shopping mall experience is growing in the cities, events are also planned around such shopping malls to engage more

customers for the franchisee.


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