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T-Toys is one of India's first leading chain stores in the toy industry. We established in July 2015 & now T-Toys is running 40 franchise across India and many more to come. We conduct Global games and Toys market is projected to exceed USD 135 Billion By 2020.
 Our Core specialization is in Indoor / Outdoor play games, Trampolines, Playhouse & Play stations, Slide & Swing, Playing Equipment, Educational Toys & Aids and Playschool Furniture.  We are known to give the International quality of product at competitive Price. Our main Objective is to give the best products to Schools and Kids.
 "One-Stop Destination For All Schools And Play Area Developers"
All products with a wide range of variety for all types of activity. 
Schools Benefits - As we have compiled with 150 leading brands Like Mattel, Barbie, FunSkool, True Care, Play Grow, Sun Baby, Play Tool, etc. and 4000-5000 SKUs mean many varieties of products. Schools will get quality of products with pocket-friendly price as compare to others. We will offer you a discount of up to 40%. More importantly, we also conduct timely activities which will help the kids to learn new things with fun & schools will get hype and become popular by hosting these kinds of activities. As it is good for school they will get beneficiaries and mouth publicity. With that, we also provide digital marketing!
We help you to create awareness about the quality of products for the kids and teachers. So, they can understand what kind of toys is beneficial for their school kids easily.

TTOYS SCHOOL DECOR brings out the best range of School Products like INDOOR/OUTDOOR GAMES, EDUCATIONAL GAMES, COLORFUL FURNITURE, etc. Also, we ensure that all our products are of premium quality with highly durable material. They are particularly made for UV Resistant and comes under highly trusted brands.


  • Play Equipment.
  • Educational Toys.
  • Multi-Play Systems.
  • Colorful School Furniture.
  • Soft Play Series.
  • PlayStations.
  • Swings & Slides.
  • Rockers.
  • Trampoline.
  • Riders.
  • See-Saw.
  • Grass Carpets.
  • Eva Mats.


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