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  Franchise Training   

Training shall be provided by the TToys in acquiring new customers and use of operations systems. The content of the training is modelled on selling techniques in retail environment.The training is customised based on the prior experience of the franchisee. Training to be imparted as and when required would basically touch upon some key areas, which are essentials for the success of any location. Phase I training will be provided to Franchise staff on the systems and procedures that are to be followed to engage the customer. The staff will be trained on effectively creating great customer experience.

Furthermore, complete know how and transfer of knowledge along with regular checks on the standards maintained shall be ensured from the backend. The Phase I training will be either at TToys headquarters or designated training facility. The duration of the Phase I training will be for 2 days, but may extend depending on the prevailing business training needs.

The franchisee shall be accompanied by two senior staff who will be primarily responsible for running TToys franchised unit. Generally the marketing manager and the Sales manager will be part of Phase I training.Phase II training will be on-site training. This training will be effective once the franchise begins his TToys franchise journey. It is the franchisor’s responsibility to assist the franchisee in initial set-up, hand holding exercises for few days to ensure the business operations are optimised.

All this and more are covered in the Phase II of the training.Self Study materials will be provided for the ongoing training on new product releases. Also periodic trainings will be conducted at designated location to provide update on the products or practices. The franchisor will be responsible for facilitating this training which is generally for two days, but the travel, food and accommodation expenses will be borne by the franchisees. These types of trainings are planned twice in a year. Average training expenses are mentioned in the Expenses and More section of this document.

Complete Training Program Includes,

Basic Fundamentals on operating a TToys Retail unit.

  • Local Marketing and Advertising Techniques.
  • Processes Involved in the purchasing function.
  • Hiring and Managing the Operations staff.
  • Training on operations systems (software and related)
  • Managing finances and basic booking procedures.
  • Procedures detailing the operations maintenance.
  • Training on Managing Business with the right network for the Sales Team.
  • Specific training for your Customer service team
  • Provide your supervisors with the training, they need to supervise safe work activity
  • Product Knowledge Information Sharing
  • Training your team on health and safety
  • Employee loyalty Management and Retention
  • Growth and Community Development

  Franchise Management  

The ability to identify specific characteristics of the target franchisee is essential to structuring a franchise program. Qualifications, such as financial resources, previous experience, and business skills, will be addressed, based on the needs of the Franchisor. TToys retail business is well developed, has a solid management team, is forward-thinking and provides and unending stream of innovative and out of the box ideas to help the franchisees improve their bottom line. The Franchisee shall operate under a common trade name through exclusive retailing space on minimum of 800 – 1200 SQFT in smaller towns, but bigger retailing space can be considered for cities and semi-urban locations. 100 - 200 SQFT is essential for maintaining stocks.

The retailing space should preferably be located on Ground floor & could go to the first floor from within the store. Space on 2nd floor and above are usually not suited for Toys retailing. The retailing space should have all the basic ambience for customers like drinking water, coffee machine, LCDs, rest rooms, etc. The building should have good ventilation, fire exit points, generators, etc. surrounded by ample parking space.

The company shall appoint a regional manager who would be stationed within a certain region of TToys influence and shall travel individually to each of the stores. TToys enhanced support system will be in place to ensure help in recruitment, training and operations of the stores. The retail store should be managed by well experienced store manager with adequate sales staff. A typical franchise will be managed by two staff who are well versed with the retail operations and have overall experience in sales and marketing.The operational guidelines for the stores would be transferred through support systems that will have to be adhered to and meticulously taken care of by the store retail service staff.

The staff recruitment will thus have the companies fine touch in terms of ensuring standards are maintained. After the service staff shall be handpicked and they are expected to live up to the standards of a TToys store and hence would be given a thorough grooming and communication guidelines that ensure that the staff learns the fine art of balancing the various customer segments that are captured by the store. The retail staff will be acquainted with the various categories covered by the store and the mode of communication and code recognition within the store to ensure delivery of correct products at a short notice.

They would be monitored on their daily activities and the central surveillance records along with customer feedback would be maintained through systems, which ensure ease of supervision in the store management for the franchisee.The retail staff shall be provided with sales targets based on certain studied and tested parameters that form the core of TToys staff motivation practices wherein there is a performance tracking system and points appraisal for sales to be awarded to teams that would be created by the company out of the local recruitments.

The stock transfer would ensure complete involvement of the retail staff along with the manager of the store to be assigned with a dedicated point of contact thus ensuring a systematic and accurate flow of information transfer on replenishment cycles, stock arrivals and pricing.Brand interactions really matters in order to gain insight on respondents through mechanisms is to be put in place by the franchisee management team which would in turn influence the average customer’s friends and family who yield equal importance. TToys would also provide set up support for the management developing and adopting a truly holistic approach to ensure that customer service is consistent with the brand positioning.The consumer subsets and proven systems are given to the franchisee management in order to differentiate and prioritize the most profitable subsets for targeted strategies.


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