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Beach Day Board Game

BRAND :- IlearnnGrow
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Product Material:
1. Beach day board game comes in a 10 by 10-inch wooden box and dice to roll on and win the game by following instructions.
2. It also has beach slippers that children can use to play the game.

1. This game is designed to make children active both physically and mentally.
2. It is excellent to keep co-ordination between their hands and eyes and improve their coordinating skills.
3. It is a great way to learn through images and develop social skills and learn languages.

How To Play:
1. Beach day board game is a fun game where you have to roll the dice on the floor and see what appears in the dice.
2. Then follow the instructions and reach the sandcastle first to win the game.

Packing And Items Included:
This game has three items included in it:

Wooden board game.
Beach slippers to play the game.
One customized dice to roll and play the game.

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