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Captain America

SKU: 21000372
Brand Name - TTOYS
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  • piggy bank" Includes coin slot and electronic paper money slot like ATM for easy depositing
  • Dimensions Approx 14 x 13 x 20 cm. Press 0000 to open the safe & Choose Your Own Secret code
  • The lights turn on & squeaks when you open or close the door. Please Note: The Design and color may vary.
  • If the Piggy Bank gets Locked due to the change in settings of the Button Inside of the Piggy Bank Door, Please email to the seller Sunshine Gifting & we will help Unlock the Piggy Bank
  • NOTE: "If you accidentally locked the door by typing wrong password more than three times, the lock system will jam. To revive this, please type '0' digit 10-12 times and it will unlock. Thereafter, reset the password.
  • Money safe smart electronic lock piggy bank for coin/note safe with locker key is guards your personal stuff .this smart electronic minion money safe piggy bank will develop saving habits in children. It includes features of coin deposit and note deposit like atm machine which encourages children to keep their saving smartly and in lock. It can store money, coins and other stuffs like jewelry which you can keep safe with password lock. How to use money safe smart electronic lock piggy bank coin safe / note safe: - 1.press ""0000"" to open the safe. 2. Choose your own secret code. 3. The light turns on when you open or close the door. 4. Option sound/voice. 5. The door squeaks when you open it. 6. Follow these steps to change your password first enter the current code (0000) and open the door.) i. Now hold the * button. Both green and red lights flash.

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