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Currency of Countries

BRAND :- Ilearnngrow
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Product Specifications:
1. This game has a 10 by 10 inches wooden board with various cut-outs to help the children solve the puzzle easily.
2. It has Cut-outs of various currencies so that children’s can also learn while solving the puzzle.

1. It is a great way to increase the mental capability and reasoning of children’s by providing them such useful games.
2. They can understand the difference between various currencies and also what to use where.
3. It increases their focus and attention so that they do not put wrong cut-outs.
4. It enhances their memory and knowledge and also reduces stress.

How To Play:
1. This game has a partially filled wooden board with forty-four cut-outs that you have to fill in the puzzle and solve it.
2. It has 9 blocks and children’s need to fill the object in a way that each row and column has at least one object.

Packing And Items Included:

This game comes in a cute Eco-friendly jute bag.
It has a wooden board to play.
It has forty-four cut-outs to fill and solve the puzzle

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