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Funskool Sum Genius

SKU: 9939200
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Solving equations can be exciting. Solve the board using the 49 tiles that is numbered on both sides. Solve one row at a time by placing the numbered tiles to complete the equation. However, during game play one might have to constantly keep interchanging or flipping the tiles to ensure that the equations are meaningfully solved. For those who love taking challenges with numbers, this arithmetic board game is mind-bending and fun that will give sense of accomplishment. From the manufacturer: Brain gym: Making equations can be a challenge. Seven year olds can begin making equations using addition and subtraction but older children can get more points using division or fraction tiles. Collaborative game play for kids: A game play built around cooperation and collaboration. Develop math equations as you build arithmetic skills of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Math time equal to fun family time: Lots of fun for the entire family. Perfect way to spend an evening bonding over math and fun. Early learning kit and brain builder: Improves strategic thinking of kids to make bigger equations using bodmas.Perfect game for kids: Best educational game for boys and girls age 7 and up.

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