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ThermoBear - 13 CM

SKU: Ttoys8384
Brand Name - Fun Zoo
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  • Unique soft toys 
  • European standard valid) high quality Soft toys. Tested for Kids safety under extreme conditions.
  • Super soft toys for Kids/Home Decorations and Gifting. Safe for any age Kids. Product can be easily washed
  • High Quality PP cotton filling which will give you super soft feeling while holding hugging and cuddling.
  • Super soft plush materials for huggable loveable joy and keeps kids playful for long hours.

    Teddy Bear 13  cm white& red  colour high quality

    Teddy bears are one of the most preferred gift items for both children and adults. Teddies come in a plethora of adorable designs. These are very soft toys which are ideal for cuddling. Our 35 cm teddy bear of coffee colour is an adorable looking thing which will impress children and adults alike.

    Our coffee coloured 35 cm teddy bear has a cream coloured snout and wears a white and blue shirt. The weight of the teddy bear is just 150 g. Have a look at the various characteristics of this teddy bear.

    Major characteristics

    You will experience a very high degree of softness when you touch our coffee coloured teddy bear. PP cotton fillings present inside the teddy bear imparts high softness to it. The soft and comfortable feeling will make kids cuddle and hug the baby for hours on end. The teddy bear not only scores high in terms of softness but is also superior in terms of overall quality. The premium quality of the teddy is attested by the fact that it conforms to European Standards EN71. Thus, it ranks among the best quality soft toys available in the market.

    The teddy bear is very easy to wash due to its unique design. There is no requirement of toxic and harsh chemicals to wash it. Thus, the teddy getting dirty is not an issue since the cleaning process is very simple.

    The teddy bear is not toxic in nature and poses no threat to human health. The non-toxic nature of the product is guaranteed by the quality tests carried out after manufacturing. Tests are also conducted to ensure that the teddies are safe for kids. Sterilisation and storage in hygienic places further ensure that the teddies do not become a source of disease.

    Other characteristics

    Our 35 cm coffee coloured teddy bear can be gifted to children on birthdays and other occasions. The teddy bear can be decorated to make it look all the more appealing. The teddy bear is also a nice gift for dating couples. It is common for couples to gift teddy bears along with greeting cards on special occasions. This teddy is also ideal to be paired with a greeting card. The teddy bear has superior aesthetics and can be used for decorative purposes as well.

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