Top Indoor Games For Kids

Nov 09, 2017

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Although kids always love to play outdoor but when you wish to keep them busy and entertained in house the only thing that helps is "Indoor Games". There are a number of indoor games available in the market nowadays. You can buy from a large variety of indoor games for kids available online in India. From the indoor games that we used to play in our childhood like Ludo, Snake & Ladder and Carrom to the newly invented games for kids, your kid will be spoilt for choices. They would want to take out their indoor games out and play with their friends in the house itself. While they would be happily engaged in the games, you can do your chores or take rest without worrying about them going out. That said; here are some of the top indoor games that kids love in the current times. Have a look.


Rapid Fire Shooter

The rapid-fire shooter is a much-loved game among the kids. One or two kids can play this game and have to shoot the striker with the shooter available. It lets them develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.



Othello is a very interesting and brain-developing game for the kids. The decision for the right placement of the black and white disc to outflank the opponent acts as an exercise for your child’s brain.



Monopoly is one of the most popular indoor games for not just the kids but the whole family. The game exposes the kid to various aspects of business and trading making them buy and sell the property as they roll the dice.



When your kid insists on playing football outside but the weather is really bad, you can surprise your kid with this indoor football game. The board game shares a high resemblance to foosball game.


Ouch Game

Ouch Game is another interesting game that builds the brain of children. They have to use their intelligence to pull the straw out in such a manner that the marbles do not come falling down.



With reusable housie tickets available in the game, Housie has become one of the favorite play games of families and kids.



You simply have to keep knocking out your opponent by jumping over their marbles until you fill the disc with your marbles. This is an interesting game that improves the thinking skills and decision-making power of your child.


These were some of the main indoor games that are most popular with the kids nowadays. You can buy these indoor games for kids online in India and get your child busy.

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